Care Home Documentation

Regulation 17: Good Governance, of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations states that:

(c) maintain securely an accurate, complete and contemporaneous record in respect of each service user, including a record of the care and treatment provided to the service user and of decisions taken in relation to the care and treatment provided;
(d) maintain securely such other records as are necessary to be kept in relation to:
(i) persons employed in the carrying on of the regulated activity, and
(ii) the management of the regulated activity;

The documentation used within the service for the day to day management and delivery of care is paramount in ensuring that the care delivered is of at least a ‘good’ standard.

Trust Care Solutions have a full range of documents to assist a manger with the day to day management of a service including staff management documentation, health and safety documents and a range of audits and checks.

Trust Care Solutions have also created a complete care home file for a person using the service which includes all documentation from the initial meeting and assessment, care planning tools right through to leaving the service.

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