Terms & Conditions of Booking

Please ensure you have read and understood the conditions of booking and by booking online it will be deemed that you have read and accepted the terms as set out below.

Once you complete the booking form and you submit it you will be contacted to confirm your booking and to arrange payment.  

Any confirmed bookings can only be cancelled by email to info@trustcares.co.uk and in the subject line you must put CANCELLATION.

Cancellations received in writing within 10 working days of the training commencement date will be charged the full fee. Cancellations within 11 – 21 working days of the training commencement date will be charged 50% of the fee. Cancellations within 22 – 30 working days of the training commencement date will be charged 25% of the fee. Cancellations in excess of 30 days in advance of the course will incur a £10 admin charge and the remainder will be refunded to the person within 10 working days.

It is possible yet highly unlikely that due to unfortunate circumstances that a scheduled date of training may need to be cancelled. In this case Trust Care Solutions will make every effort to inform persons attending the scheduled date as soon as possible. The person will be offered alternative dates of training or will be given a full refund with 10 working days.

Trust Care Solutions exclusively reserves the right to alter or amend the training content of any course without prior notice.

Trust Care Solutions does not accept any liability for any losses or expenses, including losses which may arise due to alterations or amendments to the programme content, schedule or cancellation.

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